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We live in a time when Bible knowledge, where it exists at all, is too often a surface knowledge, sometimes wide but usually not very deep. My hope is that the ideas and techniques presented here will help you and many others to increase many potential dimensions of Bible knowledge while serving others in love. Now I ask you, what could be more fulfilling than that?

I was already on fire about exposing people to God’s Word through the performing arts; now it was if someone had dumped gasoline on my flames.

With no tangible faith to speak of, I prayed and asked for the forgiveness of my sins, for the salvation of Jesus Christ, and to enter into a relationship with Him forever. I can’t say that I was aware of anything happening at that moment, but I do think I felt a bit of peace. It seemed a little like someone had turned off a jangling bell that had annoyed me so long I had ceased to hear it but noticed it when it was gone.

Near the center of the total collection of books, there sits the shortest chapter in the entire Bible: Psalm 117. The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119, discussed later as an example of an acrostic structure. And smack in the middle is Psalm 118. There are 594 chapters before and 594 chapters after Psalm 118. Add those together and you get 1,188. The center verse of the Bible is Psalm 118:8: “It is better to take refuge in Yahweh [the LORD] than to put confidence in man.” The chiastic structure is revealed to point to trust in God rather than man. And that sums up the entire work in a way only God Himself could arrange.

Having discovered the true truth of the Gospel, I no longer had a stomach for being involved in any production that disavowed that truth. There are a few plays that are exceptions, but as a theaterre worker I knew that I would be expected to compromise in many ways I was now uncomfortable with and promote messages that were antithetical to my newfound perspective and worldview.

My own personal walk with Christ has certainly been deepened by the productions I have been involved in. Preparing for and playing the Apostle John reading a scroll of the book of John for my church was the first such experience I had, and it forever cemented my love for that very lovely book.

As one searches the Scriptures for potential passages and books to dramatize, the personal knowledge of what is in this most valuable and beautiful collection of inspired writings should greatly increase. Even getting a group of people to read a Scripture-based script out loud will very likely uncover truths from the Bible that they had not previously been exposed to. And once you and your fellow potential performers dig into the text for understanding and clarity, the investigation will unlock new insights that can be applied to your personal lives.

My greatest hope is that the use of drama could help engender a new awakening, assisting even home churches and underground churches throughout the world to spread the teachings of the Bible authors. It will be hard to take away the Bibles that are written on the hearts of those that memorized entire books of Scriptures.

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